JavaOne Material

At this year’s JavaOne, I did a session “JavaFX for Business Application Developers” and a BOF “Live-Coding BOF: Writing a Game with JavaFX”. This post provides the material.

JavaFX for Business Application Developers

First the slides of the session “JavaFX for Business Application Developers”.


I am not sure, if the session was recorded. If additional material becomes available, I will update this post.
There is more material including a video available.

Live-Coding BOF: Writing a Game with JavaFX

Below is the link of the NetBeans project I created during the BOF. It is almost the original code, I just reordered some of the statements and made the constants private. For those of you who did not attend the BOF:  I am considering to make a tutorial out of this and post it here on the blog. Please tell me, if you would be interested in that.

FxGame Sources


There is more material including a video available.

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