Tutorial for Inverse Kinematics Part 1 is published

Screenshot of Tutorial Part 1

Figure 1: Screenshot Tutorial Part 1

Today I published the first part of the tutorial for doing inverse kinematics with the library FXUtil. It focuses on the static structure – or skeleton – of an animated object. The tutorial explains what bones are, how they are assembled and how everything is linked with visual elements.

The second part will focus on how to animate an object bu pulling single bones of the skeleton. It is almost done and will be published shortly. Stay tuned!

One response to “Tutorial for Inverse Kinematics Part 1 is published”

  1. Kristofer Pettersson Avatar

    When I use firefox on ubuntu the application crashes when loading your tutorial. I assume this is because a bug in firefox. Do you know if there is any work around? What web browser do you favor yourself?

    (I can’t believe I can’t calculate 9+47.. bah )