JavaFX in the browser – an update

I have uploaded a new version of the sample page for JavaFX in the browser, which demonstrates the functionality that was added lately: gradients, fonts, and mouse-events.

The current version uses WebGL for rendering. WebGL is the main reason why there was only little progress since the last update, because I basically had to learn OpenGL ES and WebGL from scratch. It sure changed a lot since OpenGL 1.2.1, which was the last version I worked with. 🙂

I chose to work on gradients and font support, because that is what controls consists of. On the sample page there is also a button, to check the general availability of controls.

Unfortunately only simple controls work with acceptable performance right now. I have to investigate this more thoroughly. Functionality wise the next features I plan to work on are keyboard input events and support for HiDPI displays. I am curious how that will turn out.

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  1. I put the project on hold a while ago. The challenges that interested me were solved, while the remaining ones felt more like work than fun. 🙂

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