New version of library for inverse kinematics released

Yesterday I uploaded the new version 1.2 of the library FXUtil for inverse kinematics with JavaFX Script.

The new features:

  • The main focus was to release a version, which is compatible with the JavaFX SDK 1.2 (finally…).
  • The animation classes TranslateHeadTransition and TranslateTailTransition are now derived from the class javafx.animation.Timeline. This enables developers to create more complex animations by assembling them in ParallelTransition and SequentiellTransition objects (both in the package javafx.animation.transition).
  • Two bugs were fixed.

3 Replies to “New version of library for inverse kinematics released”

  1. Not sure if it’s related to the migration, but and are down. I was really interested in playing with your library. Any chance to reup?

    1. My apologies. I had some very serious security issues with the CMS I was using for and have not found the time to merge to a new system.

      The good news is, I am planning to relaunch everything with the beta release of JavaFX 2.0.

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