Migration to new domain finished

Just finished moving my blog from blogs.sun.com to my new domain at blog.netopyr.com. This was more work than I expected, especially because all of the links in the export file were broken and some of the source code listings. I hope I never have to do that again…

So far I do not regret it. But ok, let’s wait until I see my new Google PR. 🙂

The new blog runs on top of WordPress, which is just awesome. Easy to use, pleasant and user-friendly layout, tons of plugins and themes. What else could one expect? Polishing the theme was actually even fun. But that’s probably, because I know PHP, while I never liked Velocity.

Implementing the redirect was a little tricky, especially because I have only very limited access to the old server. But luckily I found another solution at Wikipedia, a meta refresh. According to Wikipedia, this is even accepted as a 301 permanent redirect by Google and others. That would be nice!

One response to “Migration to new domain finished”

  1. fmjrey Avatar

    Don’t know if linked to the migration but fxutil.com or fxutil subdomain dont’ work.