Teaser of my upcoming website

It has been very quite on my blog for some time now. The reason is, that I was busy writing a new web application at day and night – well mostly at night. It is almost done and I will hopefully be able to open it for public beta next week.

The application provides an online whiteboard. You can attach sticky notes and draw on the canvas directly. It is pretty flexible. My original idea was a tool that helps me while brainstorming new ideas. But looking at the final result now, I guess you can use it for all sorts of things you would usually use a whiteboard for. Maybe even as a Scrum board or a Kanban board. 🙂

Below is a screenshot. If this looks interesting, stay tuned for the announcement sometime next week.

Screenshot of my new web application

2 responses to “Teaser of my upcoming website”

  1. roman Avatar

    hi! nice) What the technology do you use in the client side?

    1. Mike Avatar

      The client is HTML/CSS/JS. I used the Dojo framework. It was interesting to learn it and there is a lot of good stuff in it. But overall I am not so satisfied and cannot really recommend it. Guess it is great, if you know it well, but if you are a beginner, there is just too much you can do wrong (and will do wrong).