New website SketchHatch is going online – your feedback is wanted

SketchHatch is a web application that helps you to sketch out new ideas in a fun and inspiring way. Usually all you want to put down during early phases are some rough drafts, maybe some notes and that’s it. I did not find a single tool that gave that to me, so I wrote my own. 🙂

Pretty much every time when I have a new idea and want to create some initial drafts, I do not really know which tool to use. My favorite currently is using a real whiteboard. But unfortunately you cannot take it with you and you cannot keep the content for very long. My phone is full of pictures from whiteboard drawings, I guess that sounds familiar to most of you…

Paper and pen is certainly another possible solution, but the drawbacks are very similar. It is hard to find your notes later. Plus it is cumbersome to copy everything into the computer when you want to continue with your idea.

Using a web application looks like a natural choice, because it allows you to keep everything forever while making it easy to find old notes. You can continue to work from anywhere. And your drafts are already in the computer, you do not have to copy them.

But unfortunately the available tools do not really work for me. They are usually great for creating presentable content, giving you all kinds of options to make the result look good. But that is only the second step, first you want to sketch out your ideas roughly and quickly – worrying about pixel perfect alignment etc. is hindering rather than helping.

And here SketchHatch comes in. I tried to make the user interface as close to a real whiteboard as possible. For instance you will notice, that the sticky notes are tilted, just like real ones. Or all lines and rectangles are not straight, but a little wiggly just like hand drawn lines.

I encourage you to give it a try. Pretty much all the people that have tried the application so far agreed that the user interface is fun and really different from anything they have seen so far. So please try SketchHatch (and do not forget to send me your feedback, even if you do not like the application)! 😉


Thanks in advance for all replies,


2 responses to “New website SketchHatch is going online – your feedback is wanted”

  1. Neil Avatar

    Nice tool !

    Seeing problems in rendering the toolbox in the right side.

    What technologies did you use for UI ? HTML5 ?

    1. Mike Avatar

      Thanks for the report. This looks bad, need to fix it asap. Which browser are you using? Which OS?

      The client is written in HTML5/CSS/JavaScript. It uses the Dojo Toolkit, mostly its graphics library gfx.

      Update: The issue is fixed.